Azure Learning References

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. As of this writing in April 2020, Microsoft Azure is composed of more than 180 services and products. Those products are typically and currently broken down into 22 categories: Analytics, AI + Machine Learning, Blockchain, Compute and Containers, Databases, Developer Tools, DevOps, Hybrid, Identity, Integration, Internet of Things (IoT), Management and Governance, Media, Mixed Reality, Migration, Mobile, Networking and Security, Storage, Web, and Windows Virtual Desktop. I curated some sources:

  • Microsoft Azure Docs
  • Learning O’Reilly Azure
  • StackOverflow / GitHub / VS Code
  • Channel 9

Microsoft Azure Docs –> FREE

I’m impressed with the free Microsoft azure courses by the quality and seemingly integrates the user experience. I joined with my Microsoft account and launched the course and in less than 5 minutes I was diving in the Azure resources with no blockers or any kind of detour! Right in the knowledge and spot where I wanted to learn! I did not expect that! Which is amazing!

My vision when investing my time in any training is to evaluate and learn at the same time, so from both views. Microsoft Azure courses are a really great example of care and respect for the user’s time!

TOP Feature: Microsoft docs launches all environments direct from the training course page which is a cool thing to keep the focus on what matters! Here an example of the API Management course that opens a Ubuntu Linux with .Net Core to run the exercises.

Another TOP Feature is to use VS Code direct from the console

Here my profile:

A good first step is Azure Fundamentals. You may challenge yourself to get the certification when you believe you have the core principles solid, Learning Path for Azure Fundamentals:

More details on Learn here.

Learning O’Reilly Azure (Paid Subscription)

My Azure Learning Path:

A good and complete set of courses, books, conference presentations. It is a paid resource, but there is 10 days trial.

StackOverflow / GitHub / VS Code

Find the “azure” related tags

Azure DevOps pipeline Tasks

VS Code with support for Typescript :

GitHub for Microsoft Source Code

Channel 9

Channel 9 contains several paths which you can use to learn. Some are weekly screencasts and other release presentations. Here an example about Azure Data Factory with Azure Functions: