Word shells

This is my repository of shells of words, empty words that such real content and obfuscate understanding:


About, about-face, absolute certainty, absolute fact, absolutely, absolutely not, abuse, acceptant, access, accidental learning, accountable / accountability, accounting irregularity, achieve, acronyms, across the board, action / actioning, actioned, action item, action plan, actualisation, self- actualisation, actualised needs, actualisers / self-actualisers, address, advance, advices, aerial ordnance, agenda, hard agenda, soft agenda, aggressive accounting, aggressive timeline, agility, agreeance, agreed outcomes, aircraft, alert but not alarmed, align, ally, alpha, anniversary, appreciative inquiry, appropriate, arena, artistic gateway, aspirational, aspirations, assertive, assertiveness, assessment regine, asset footprint, asymmetrical warfare, at peace, at one, attitude, attrite, author.


back-ended, balance, ball-park, baseload, battler, bed down, bedrock understanding, behavioural accountabilities, behaviours, believe, belt, benchmarking, best of bread, best practice, bible, big-step improvement, black armband, beeding hearts, blue-chip, blueprint, body attachment, border protection, bottleneck, bottom line, bottom up, brand, branding, bullet points, bulletproof, bunker buster, the bush, business process re-engineering, business processes.