Consistency Drives Impact

A recurring theme on my 1:1s is how to generate significant impact. Let’s talk about how empathy and consistency help to achieve this goal.

The source of impact is a problem that you can help to solve. In this context, a problem is a pain point from someone. It is essential to be aware of others’ problems and where your help will make a difference to them. The exercise of empathy to listen to problems seems a way for this first step. As a result, you will have knowledge about where to impact with strong results.

Impact requires consistent effort. The idea that “You have to move forward a little bit, every day.[1] is common sense, but it’s easy to forget. In people relations each interaction counts so making a difference for a person is an everyday activity.

Consistency is the way

The Impact is the Goal, and The Consistency is the Way.

Independent of where you are in your career, the three areas that present opportunities are: (1) individual contributions; (2) Help other people to have success; (3) Leverage others work to succeed.

My suggestions for Staff / Principal levels are:

  • Make a difference for a person
  • Mentor and coach others to success
  • Improve methods, tools, and infra
  • Look for root cause analysis